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Established in 1978, Ballerina Kitchens, a leader in German kitchen manufacturing.​

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Kitchen Fronts

746 different fronts are available for selection. From velvet lacquer through to SMARTGLAS, from ceramics through to RESOPAL® – our front materials have been proving themselves in everyday kitchen use for years. All of the surfaces are easy to clean, colourfast and durable.

Carcase Colours

26 carcase colours are available to accentuate your front design. Whether the same decor inside and out, or designed with highlight shades, the carcase made of CARB2 panels is environmentally friendly, sustainable and creates a healthy indoor climate, in short: FEELGOOD.

Functional Cabinets

Stocking, preparing, sinks, cooling, cooking and lighting – these are just a few of the many functions that should be coordinated in a well-equipped kitchen.

Drawers & pullouts

Keeping order can be this elegant: Our pull-outs present their inner workings at first glance. With glazed front sides, nothing remains hidden even when the cabinet doors are opened. Matching interior organization systems made of wood, metal or plastic ensure that everything stays in its place. And best of all, the pull-outs retract into the cabinet automatically and as quietly as a whisper after a brief tap. We work with technology from Blum.

Ergonomics and Comfort

In order to ensure that working in the kitchen is ideal and fatigue-free, anatomical aspects such as body size should also be taken into consideration. On this basis, the ideal working paths and heights are individually tailored to you.

Extremely Robust Kitchens



Refined Ambience: SMARTGLAS is a future-orientated polymer glass that combines a wide range of appealing features. The alternative to real glass fascinates with its exclusive appearance in a high-gross or matt satin finish. SMARTGLAS is extremely resilient, impact-resistant, scratchproof, antibacterial and easy to keep hygienically clean. Cleaver: it can be written and drawn on with whiteboard markers, and chalk can also be used on the satin-finish surfaces.


The indestructible and extremely robust ORIGINAL RESOPAL laminates create delight for the entire lifetime of a kitchen with their high-quality appearence and ease of care. It's so easy to keep them hygienically clean. They are insensitive to knocks and stains, and are scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and antibacterial. In many colours and decors.


The premium surface for your kitchen. Whether in high gloss or matt design, DIRECTLACK appeals in terms both of aesthetics and functionality. The surface, which are available in lots of colours, are notable for their high resilience and resistance to micro scratches. They are impact-resistant, insensitive to fingerprints and stains, and easy to clean. An investment for life.


FENIX represents the pinnacle of innovation in interior design materials, distinguished by its ultra-matte finish. This avant-garde material owes its exceptional technological performance to the unique properties of its surface. Embark on a journey to explore the distinctive qualities of this intelligent material, where design meets cutting-edge technology.

Extremely Robust Kitchens

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